Dow Jones interns head for newsrooms

After completing 10 days of intensive copy editing preparation at The University of Texas at Austin, 13 college students and recent college graduates will spend their summer at paid daily newspaper internships.

Missouri sergeant goes to court for sexually assaulting soldiers

In the national roundup, the man arrested for rushing and touching Brad Pitt has a history of getting too close to celebreties; England announced it will finally release its Iraq report after it has been delayed because of communications with the U.S.; and two Massachusetts inmates who were incarcerated with a life without parole sentence are going to be the first to have a parole hearing since it reversed its mandatory life sentence for those under 18.

Rocket company launch site unlikely to harm protected species

SpaceX, a private space flight company, has launch sites in Florida and California, with a considerations for a commercial launch site in Brownsville, Texas under discussion. A final federal environmental review reveals that building and operating a launch site on Texas’s southern coast would not negatively affect protected animal species in the region.